Collegians! Greetings from the Apollo SHINE Foundation.

We are possibly India’s largest comprehensive campus health initiative and you are a member as well. In your tenure on campus you will, through the Shine Foundations be a part of several activities related to healthcare and wellness including health checkups, awareness talks, life support training, health related events, health audits etc. You will be exposed to how a hospitals chain functions.

Our goal is to help you understand as much of the healthcare system as possible so that when you step out of college you are equipped to make the right decisions to help SAVE A LIFE. At the very least you will be an authority on healthy choices. You will know how to choose a doctor and when you need to rush to a hospital. You will understand your body better and the reasons you should avoid medicines. You should be able to go back to your home towns and spread these messages. Or tell us and together we will find a way to get there.

Simply put, the goal of the foundation is to keep all of you out of hospitals for as long as possible. But should you need to go to one, you should be able to walk in with the confidence that you have learned from the best in the country!

What we need from you is participation. We will make it interesting. We will mix things up evey year so that it is not boring. But we need you to make it happen. We need you to help Keep India Healthy.

Here are some basic things you can expect from us :

  • Fully equipped Health Rooms are set up inside you college providing a continuous health connect and first aid/emergency monitoring on campus.
  • All SHINE rooms are staffed with certified qualified graduate Nurses, trained extensively in ER and schooled in Shine protocols.
  • All Apollo SHINE rooms are connected to our team of Apollo Shine Doctors for consults during working hours.
  • All medication and first aid dispensed from the shine room is free of cost to all Shine members
  • Priority care at all out partner outlets