Shining Pillars

Mr. Anand (name changed) aged 17yrs remembers the morning well. Around 3.30 pm during the class, experiencing dizziness, felt that he needed immediate help. The teacher took the student and headed straight to the Apollo SHINE first aid room. The SHINE Nursing Officer, who functions as an independent nurse practitioner, made the student sit comfortably and checked his vital signs.

Temperature was 103.8 F and blood pressure 80/60 mm Hg. History revealed evening rise in temperature, headache and nausea for the last 4 days. The signs & symptoms indicated that the student may be suffering from malaria. The nursing officer sponged and reduce the temperature and meanwhile consulted the Apollo Shine Doctor over the phone and reported presenting symptoms,

Vitals and explained the condition. The Nurse administered the medication prescribed by the Doctor and the student was shifted to the hospital for further management.

After a week, the student reported that he was been diagnosed with malaria and treated for the same. He was very thankful to the nursing officer for early identification, prompt treatment and referral.

In yet another instance, Baby Anitha was having a staring spell in class. The teacher identified some sort of abnormal behavior in the child and promptly called for the shine nursing officer, who deftly handled the situation by shifting the child to the Shine room.

It has been proven that schools can provide an ideal platform for the promotion of health. At the global level, approximately 80% of children attend primary schools and 60% complete at least four years of education, with wide variation between countries and gender. They can be nurtured well for their general health and can very well be implemented effectively.

Many schools and colleges may need immediate attention care and first aid. The level of need for access and the severity of concerns towards the preventive health are growing. The Apollo SHINE helps in reducing absenteeism due to physical health issues and deftly handles emergencies during the school hours. Access to wrap around services, individual and group health education by the independent nurse practitioner helps the students to protect their health and enabled to attend the school and colleges regularly.

The main aim of the Apollo SHINE is:

1. The promotion of positive health

2. The prevention of diseases

3. Early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of defects

4. Awakening health consciousness amongst the student community.

Apollo SHINE is a comprehensive programme to identify and treat common health problems through health screening of students and staff, first aid, maintaining health records for students and staff, identifying sick students and advising medical aid and follow up, identifying health related risk at school and colleges at early stage focusing on preventive care.

Every college and school cares about the students admitted in their respective institution where the Apollo SHINE has major role to detect early signs of student’s stress in health, strategy to intervene and technique for referring for appropriate school health service.

Education increases children’s opportunities to keep healthy. Acquisition of health-related knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices empower children to pursue a healthy life now and in the future, Work as agents of change for the improved health for their families and communities

Every child needs a healthy future, convincing children and adolescents to adopt behaviors that reduce their risks for chronic diseases is a continual challenge. In achieving this goal Apollo SHINE leads to bring a change in taking up the responsibility to effectively implement to produce a healthy citizen.

‘Every generation needs a new revolution’ – And SHINE takes the lead by foraying into the unexplored zone of School Health, Championing the cause of preventive health in creating a Healthy Nation with healthy citizens. Hats off to SHINE!