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Dear Students, we are aware that the healthcare needs of a 12 Std Girl or Boy is drastically different from that of a cute little toddler in Kindergarten, so we have broken this section up into four parts.

Hello lil ones! Welcome to the Shine program.

We know that you must be nervous and even scared leaving your parents and coming to school. But that why we are there. While your teachers help you get ready for regular classes and teach you fun stuff, you Shine Nurse Office – or Nurse Aunty as some of you so cutely call her, is there to help you if you fall down and get a lil bruise or even a cut. We know you are literally finding your feet in this big world and we are there to take care of you and keep you safe should anything happen. Your mummies and daddies don have to run to school everytime something happens and you anxious grandmas and grandpas can take some solace that India’s top healthcare brand is looking after their precious bundle.

Big Namaste to all you lil champions.

You guy are the most interesting bunch. We watch you learn to form sentences, run, jump, play games, understand concepts… and honestly, it keeps us young. Our Nurse Officers simply love you guys. And you will see how they too try to chip in and teach you a few secrets that only they know! Did you know that washing your hands is actually and 8 step process? And did you know your tummy suddenly started hurting because you only ate the fried oily crisps sent for lunch? Your Shine nurse is waiting to be your friend and to tell you things that you can tell your friends you learnt at the Shine First Aid Room. And if your tummy of your ear or your tooth hurts too much, you can even talk to a Shine Doctor on the phone! So, jump out of bed and run to school – we are here to catch you if you fall.

Ah ha! The young explorers! Greetings from the Apollo SHINE Foundation! You might actually be reading this so we will be direct with you.

Your school has been equipped with a First Aid Room and a well qualified nurse officer. All your cuts and bruises will be handled by her. Anything more than that is referred to our panel of doctors in our central facility. And if there is an emergency the nurse will call for an ambulance. We need you to be alert and spot those who need help. Also we need you to just walk in and ask any medical or health related doubts that you might have. You are at your formative years and forming habits now will help you through your life. Most of the things you like may not be good for you so you need to listen to your parents when they ask you to not eat too much junk food. They are right. When you come for your health checkups you will learn more about your body and once more, if you need anything just walk in and ask your nurse. She will look after you.

Namaste! You guys are almost adults.

It’s probably only the system that is not allowing you to be called adults. We understand you. We understand the pressures you are under: at home, at school amongst your friends and from the ‘cool’ groups that always seem so demanding –whether you are leading them or trying to get in. As teens your bodies are also changing and while your parents love you madly they may not be equipped to truly deal with your hormonal mood shifts. They are doing this for the first time too! And as times change faster every year it is tough for them to keep up. Your parents were born when phone lines were fixed and information came from libraries. You are a generation that’s growing up with multiple mobile devices connecting you to a wealth of information from across the globe at lightning speeds. Surely you know more. However, not all that is online is accurate. Sometimes you have to rely on the expertise of experience. And that’s when you need to talk to your parents and hear their thoughts. That’s when you need to talk to professionals and get their input. The decisions are already yours to make. Make them responsibly. Your parents have responsibly put you in an institution which has the experts. Talk to us. About anything. Questions us. Grill us. Challenge us. We are there for you.

But what we really, really need is for you to become an Ambassador of Health. Take these messages and these tips out into the world. Start your own awareness drives at home. Enforce these rules inside your home. You are the future. You are our hope. Help us win the battle against heart attacks, diabetes and cancers. Help us keep India Healthy.