RMK – Patashaala

Address: Kavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu 601206

About the Institutions

RMK Patashaala – The name itself means that it is a centre for learning and not just a ‘school’. The institution is yet another milestone in the RMK Group’s endeavour to deliver the highest standards in education in the country. Following the CBSE stream, RMK Patashaala will be a centre for learning of life.

The best part of a child’s growing phase is spent in the school and in the present times, a school should go beyond just ‘teaching’ and inspire a child to learn beyond the “Syllabus” and understand life. RMK Patashaala that way, is a unique school that will create a ‘learner’ in each child who will automatically become leaders in their chosen arena. We believe that such an ideal is possible to achieve, and we have testimony of having created so many thought-leaders, professionals, and successful graduates who are making a strong impact in the world.

With the best in its state – of – the – art academic infrastructure and co-curricular facilities – a reminiscent of every RMK group of institutions, RMK Patashaala will be a distinct school among the CBSE institutions in this region. We assure you, that our Patashaala will be known nationwide for the intellectual potential of our students as well as the excellence of our faculty – propelling us to national prominence and will strive towards being positioned as a top CBSE school in this part of India.

We endeavour to accomplish all these goals, we cannot do so without your trust and confidence in us. We are aware of the value of your suggestions and counsel and are eager to address them with due sincerity. Please go through this detailed brochure that will provide you a clear view of what is in store for a student at RMK Patashaala.

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