Narayana School – madhanantapuram

Gandhinagar, Porur Link Road, Near Porur Toll Gate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116

About the Institutions

Narayana echoes strongly with this philosophy in creating a success formula for its e-Techno Schools, where subject knowledge, conceptual skills and personal competencies are given high and equal priority. It is not only significant but also essential in building an unbreakable foundation for education.To ensure optimum utilisation of such knowledge and skill, personal competencies like zeal and interest to learn, mental ability, self-reliance, and psychological strength are to be nurtured.Such needs and dependencies are well recognized at Narayana and reflect in its undue care towards widening conceptual knowledge horizontally, while increasing competency and expertise vertically. While increasing number of students aspire selection in IIT –JEE and other competitive examinations, Narayana is determined to help your child gain one of the strongest foundations for sciences and meet the most cherished academic aspirations at the earliest, making knowledge a part of their personality.

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