Once a student, always a student. The Apollo SHINE Foundation, in its third year has extended its healthcare services program to include school and college alumni as well.

So, if you represent your Alma Mater as a proud Alumnus, then it is time to do your bit and make them proud of you. The Apollo SHINE Foundation will organise health events built around health screening, speciality screening, health awareness, and of course priority care and privileges. Additionally this program includes your spouse. And can be extended to include other family members with some special consideration.

Just send us the registration details of your alumni, the number of past pupils and dependents and the location of the Institution where we will be conducting most of the programs and we will get back to you with a tailor made health program just for you.

Alumni can also sponsor the program for their juniors and immortalize their batch as well. Shine welcomes you all. Our goal is to Keep India Healthy and we definitely can’t do that alone.